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Alfa Romeo 4C GTA to production

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The Alfa Romeo 4C GTA planned for a 2011 Geneva show debut could already be headed for production. The new Alfa two-seater coupé is being described as the brand’s new “halo” car and could finally give the royal sporty treatment to a brand that many have been hoping would get back to its sports and racing roots.

The 4C GTA technical details we know so far: rear engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seater, lightweight coupé with a carbon fibre and aluminium chassis. At this stage rumours suggest it will have the same 1.8-litre engine as the Alfa Giulietta, but with power up to 250 hp. Reports deny that it is being built by Pininfarina and the Geneva debut is still doubtful due to “delays in the concept model construction”.

The carbon fibre cockpit is being built by specialist Dallara and should be their next take on their previous project of the KTM X-Bow. Will the 4C GTA save Alfa? Enthusiasts have been dreaming of a new sports car from the Fiat brand, and this time round it could prove to be affordable. About 25,000 units are planned and Alfa says it wants a price tag of about 40,000 euros. Compared to the 8C Competizione, it could bring the Alfa Romeo brand back to Italians, in sports style.

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Alfa Romeo 4C GTA to be revealed on February 14?

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Pininfarina 2uettottanta Alfa Concept official pics

News of a possible Alfa 4C GTA prototype debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March was dug up by the guys at, and now further developments indicate that we could possibly see this model earlier, debuting on February 14. On publishing the rumour, the Greek blog was contacted by their local Fiat Group Hellas, who requested the removal of the post until February 14.

That’s been enough to generate further speculation that we could receive more than just chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Taken with a grain of salt at the moment, is the news that the 4C concept could be the next evolution of the gorgeous 2uettottanta produced by Pininfarina, and that went on show last year in Geneva. It was developed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo, and since then we haven’t heard anything about eventual production plans or not.

The more accredited version of the Alfa 4C GTA that we’ll be seeing is that it will use the carbon fibre chassis of the KTM X-Bow, and that eventually an Abarth coupé will also be developed off the same platform. The engine of choice rumoured so far is the 1750 TBi, which Abarth could take to 265 hp. We’ll be waiting for either February or March for further information, but look forward to checking out another hot Alfa model, most likely in red (we hope), at Geneva….

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