Artega GT: 74.000 Euro for the new German sports car

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Artega GT V6

In line with plans for summer 2008, production of the Artega GT has commenced, the German sports car designed by Fiskar and created to compete on the difficult terrain of the Porsche Cayman S and BMW Z4 coupè.

Compared to the concept presented more than a year ago at Geneva, the differences are minimal: four metres long, equipped with storage space in the rear and behind the seats, the Artega confirms its VR6, 3.6 litre Volkswagon engine, placed at the rear and capable of 300 hp. Combined with DSG tranmission and steering wheel paddles, this GT hits 270 km/hr and can accelerate to 100 km/hr in less than five seconds thanks to its 1,100kg weight.

The technical collaboration has been extremely important: Bosch for the ABS and ESP, Bilstein and Eibach for the wheel base and many other ex-collaborators from great car manufacturers. The project has been managed by Klaus Dieter Frers, founder of Paragon and leader in the hi-tech sector.

Artega GT V6 Artega GT V6 Artega GT V6

500 units should be produced, selling in Germany at a price of about 74,983 euros, in line with a realistic and accessorised Cayman S. On the theme of options, the Artega GT doesn’t disappoint, with a next generation multimedia system with central touch screen display, and a second display integrated into the central rear vision mirror.

Artega GT V6 Artega GT V6 Artega GT V6

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