SRT Viper: here is the first model with longitudinal white stripes

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SRT Viper con strisce

These are images that many people - including us - were waiting for. Because a Viper is hardly a Viper without its traditional longitudinal white stripes (here coupled with the equally classic red), and since the last version has already dropped all the Dodge badges, we were just in need of something that would bridge the latest generation to its glorious predecessors.

SRT has just released these two shots pointing out that the model in question got engaged in stability tests on dry asphalt. The new version of the Viper is expected go on sale in autumn with a price-tag that in the United States should be in the $ 110,000 area, which would be a little less than 90,000 € at the current exchange rates.

SRT Viper con strisceSRT Viper con strisce

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