Epic Fail: Nissan Patrol Rolls-Royce

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Nissan Patrol Rolls Royce

Let’s just say that if you like the car featured in these pics you definitely need some good taste and style coaching! This bizarre vehicle, which is nothing more than a 1993 Nissan Patrol disguised as a Rolls Royce, has been put up for sale on the site Dubizzle Dubai.

In addition to the large RR style grille, the creator of this weird piece has also installed the rear lights of a Land Rover. The Rolls Royce Patrol, let’s call it like that, according to the ad has 167,000 km on the clock and is powered by a six-cylinder petrol engine with 200 or 300 hp. The transmission is automatic.

Perfect inside out this unique car can be yours for just £10,000 at current exchange rates. We think it is a work worthy of entering our Epic Fail “wall of shame”. What do you think?

Nissan Patrol Rolls RoyceNissan Patrol Rolls RoyceNissan Patrol Rolls Royce

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