Lexus: LFA Final Edition Rumours Denied

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Lexus LFA Final Edition

Lexus will not introduce any further update to its LFA. This was confirmed by Etienne Plas, Senior Manager of Product Communications at Lexus Europe, also adding that the two mules photographed at the Nurburgring were not anticipating what the aesthetic design was suggesting to be the Final Edition. The two cars would be no more than two prototypes, designed and manufactured by TMC technical division with the objective of developing solutions and components for future Lexus products. The two mules were named AD-A and AD-B, and are recognisable for the twin-exhaust pipe setup and the original aerodynamic cues.

The words of Etienne Plas has furtherly confirmed what was revealed in recent weeks by Tim Morrison, Vice President of Sales. The manager revealed a few weeks ago that the business cycle of the sports car was virtually concluded.

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