Aston Martin Rapide S: spy shots

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Aston Martin Rapide S spy shots

Here is a new set of spy shots portraing the latest mule of the next Aston Martin Rapide, that should appear soon on the market as a more powerful version of the current model. Rumor has it the model will then be dubbed Rapide S when it will hit the showrooms around the world, and could flank the current version of the car as opposed to replace it.

Due to the cammo it is quite hard to figure out what will change from these pics, but the spoiler looks as it will go deeper than the one on the ‘regular’ Rapide, and the grille seemes to be bigger than the one sported by current version too. Plus, there is a air-intake underneath the number plate embedded into the bumper. On this one it seems like both have grown together, but there is still a smaller air-intake at the bottom of the spoiler.

At the back we can expect slighly different rear lights as well as a a sharper, flashier and bigger spoiler. Power will probably go up too, quite likely in the 500-520 hp region, and in order to handle that the Rapide S will also get a modified chassis setup. As for now that’s all we can sy, but we will keep our eyes and ears open waiting for more info on the matter.

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Aston Martin Rapide S spy shotsAston Martin Rapide S spy shotsAston Martin Rapide S spy shotsAston Martin Rapide S spy shots

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