Mobius Two: a low-cost off-roader for the African markets

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Mobius Two

Mobius Motors, a company based in Nairobi, Kenya, is planning to create a low-cost off-road vehicle for the African markets. The Mobius Two is a vehicle that has been specifically designed to deal with the unpaved and rough roads that are so typical of that continent. The model should be able to reach the most difficult areas with ease, and should come at a price that will be so low that all other off-road vehicles around will just not be in the same league: the expected price in Kenyan Shillings is 600,000, just over 5,660 € at current exchange rates.

Ride height is set at 35 cm from the ground, the tires are designed for maximum grip on the dirt and the four-wheel drive system ensures top adherence on any surface. Behind the two front seats the car can manage a total load of up to 500 kg in an extra-large compartment, but there is an option to fit two benches there to accommodate up to 8 people.

The Mobius Two uses a tubular steel frame with some details in aluminum honeycomb, to ensure good lightness and rigidity. Apparently this frame is also very simple to repair, with the manufacturer claiming that just a welder would be enough to fix almost any sort of problem that the car may have in that department. No word on the engine for now, although we can remembre that the previous version, the Mobius One, was equipped with a pretty expensive 2.0-liter unit cortesy of Toyota.

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