Mercedes SLC to be postponed?

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Mercedes SLC spy shots

Apparently, the developement of the Mercedes SLC - the much rumored future competitor for the Porsche 911 range from the three-pointed star house - is currently at a standstill. According to German mag Auto Motor und Sport, the decision was taken because of the excessive costs of the project, that would have led to a final price that would have made the car not competitive with its Porsche-branded rivals.

The unveiling of this car was originally scheduled for 2014, but now it might as well be postponed. Just to make the record straight, the project is not abandoned, it is just being held under observation in the wait of the ‘go-ahead’ from the Mercedes bosses, that would then kickstart the mass production of the model. Mercedes will make its mind up on the matter in the coming months, after hearing the solutions proposed by the technical team that is currently working on the SLC project.

The car should come with a transaxle architecture, gearbox at the rear and front-mounted engine. Speaking of which, the engine powering the car could be the already known and reliable 5.5-liter biturbo V8, enhanced by AMG and credited with an output in excess of 500 hp, that would surely make the SLC very quick and agile in light of the low weight due to the use of noble materials for both chassis and body.

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