Skoda recreates Stonehenge in London

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Skoda recreate Stonehenge in London

The London Olympics are the perfect ground for all those carmakers who want to advertise their products in style. Skoda has recreated a modern version of Stonehenge using old, abandoned cars, and calling this special display “Citihenge” to publicise the new Skoda Citigo.

The megaliths of the ancient site were recreated in less than 12 hours, using scrap cars only: the incredible structure has been built by a team of sculptors led by artist Tommy Gun, who has used a total of 18 vehicles. Citihenge is 100% recyclable and the Czech manufacturer reports that the accumulative mileage of the cars is 1.9 million miles, equivalent to over 3 million kilometers.

As you can see from the pictures Citihenge is located on London’s Southbank, near Tower Bridge. Each henge is 5m high and 5 m wide and is designed to withstand the strongest winds; the engineers claim that it can even resist a force 12 hurricane. The display has been unveiled on Wednesday the 20th June, the day that marks Summer solstice.

Skoda recreate Stonehenge in LondonSkoda recreate Stonehenge in LondonSkoda recreate Stonehenge in London

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