Toyota GT 86: the new aero kit has arrived

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Toyota GT 86  aero kit

The catalogue of accessories for the new Toyota GT 86 has just welcomed a flashy new addition to its ranks: a brand new aerodynamic kit that can be ordered at the time of purchase and collected directly from the factory. The package consists of a front spoiler, side sills, a diffuser and a very generous rear wing, all of which have been developed thanks to lengthy sessions in the wind tunnel as well as many hours spent on the track. These changes increase the stability of the car as well as its downforce, and do not alter the overall drag coefficient of the model, which thereby remains 0.27.

The front bumper is now fitted with vertical fins and a double canard wing positioned at an angle of 12 degrees: the former manage the flow of air that enters the ventilation grill, the latter is meant to increase the ground effect. The side skirts are ultimately designed to simplify the ejection of the air from the front wheel compartments.

Toyota GT 86  aero kitToyota GT 86  aero kitToyota GT 86  aero kit

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