Smart Fortwo electric drive: from 18,910 Euros (£ 15,162) in Germany, excluded battery

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Smart fortwo electric drive

The Smart Fortwo electric drive, electric version of the popular super-compact car, has left the assembly line at the French plant of Hambach. Daimler has invested more than 200 million Euros into the factory and from today the small electric car is available to order on the German market.

Customers who are interested in buying the new Smart will be also able to choose between the options of purchasing or leasing the battery. In the first case, the Smart Fortwo electric drive is priced at 23,680 Euros (£ 18,986) for the coupe and 26,770 Euros (£ 21,464) for the convertible, including VAT (in Germany is at 19%). If leasing the battery prices are 18,910 (£ 15,162) and 22,000 Euros (£ 17,639) respectively, with a further fee of 65 Euros (£ 52,50) per month for the rental. The car will go on sale in Germany after summer and in the U.K. in the first quarter of 2013.

The Smart electric motor has an output of 75 hp and accelerates from 0 to 60 km/h in 4.8 seconds. It is powered by a 17.6 kWh battery. The car can travel up to 145 km (90 miles) between charges, which is enough for most urban journeys.

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