Top Gear Live Stunt: attempt to complete the terrifying “Deadly 720” double loop-the-loop

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Deadly 720

The Top Gear Live Stunt Team will attempt to complete the terrifying “Deadly 720”, a double loop-the-loop, next Saturday. ” We’ve designed some pretty outlandish car stunts over the past four year… We’ve completed a single loop the loop as the climax to the previous Carmageddon Tour more than 80 times - revealed Top Gear Live Creative Director, Rowland French - Adding the second loop, though, multiplies the danger by more than two and creates the very real possibility of the buggy falling out from the top of the second loop. There are absolutely no margins for error, which is probably why no one has ever been mad enough to try it before.”
The technical team has developed a specially designed dune buggy for the purpose, reinforced and equipped with two functional systems: a hand control connected to the steering wheel to lock out the accelerator pedal and a light fitted on the dashboard that turns green when the car reaches the required speed. The stunt will be performed next Saturday at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa.

Deadly 720Deadly 720

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