Porsche 997 crashes into a shop in a petrol station /video

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There are things that not even the wildest filmmakers would think they could actually happen, situations in which reality far exceeds imagination, and this video we are about to present - filmed by surveillance cameras at a gas station in Istanbul, Turkey - is just another point in case.

In this footage you will see a Porsche 997 driven by a woman taking a sudden acceleration as she prepares to dock for refueling. what happen next would be worthy of a Mission Impossible movie … or possibly the Blues Brothers. After hitting a stationary vehicle, the supercar crashed violently against a store window and ends its run in a bunch of flying cans, boxes and cartons to the terror of the people inside.

Luckily enough there are no reports of serious injuries, just so much fear and some bruising. The most blessed character of the lot is possibly the owner of the stationary car, who got struck by the backlash and can be seen tumbling down to the ground and then getting up right after that. Apparently, the inxperience driver just got confused and pressed the accelerator rather than the brake pedal. Well it could happen to anybody, isn’t it? It the end, loads of work for the insurance companies involved and quite a laugh for us.

Porsche 997 crashes into a shop in a petrol stationPorsche 997 crashes into a shop in a petrol station

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