Volvo Pedestrian Aribag: new details

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14% of all traffic accidents occurring in Europe involve pedestrians. The statistic decreases to 12% in the U.S., but shoots up to a concerning 25% in China. Volvo hopes to reduce these rates with the new Pedestrian Airbag, which is a special air bag placed outside the vehicle that aim to protect pedestrians from fatal injuries in case of collision. This official video provides details of the cutting-edge technology featuring on the new Volvo V40.

The car has seven sensors fitted to the front bumper, which transmit signals to a control unit. The system is able to interpreter the signals to determinate if there is a human figure in front of the vehicle. In such case, micro-explosions trigger the airbags to inflate and lift the hood, to avoid the possibility of an impact between the pedestrian’s head and the hard components of the engine compartment. The Pedestrian Airbag is active at speeds between 20 (12mph) and 50 km/h (30 mph).

Volvo Pedestrian AirbagVolvo Pedestrian Airbag

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