Casual Friday presents Epic Fail of the Week: the Audi Q5 and the ramp

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This is the embarrassing moment when you realise that your brand-new Audi Q5 is struggling to climb a simple ramp test. We want to introduce our new column called Casual Friday with one of the most famous videos on the internet: the Epic Fail of the German SUV when testing the efficiency of its four-wheel drive, suspension, set-up … and pilot’s driving skills!

The Q5 failure makes the audience laughs out loud, but brings also shame and embarrassment to the carmaker and the driver. All the other cars in question could successfully complete the test with no difficulties, including the modest Ford Kuga. Look carefully at those crazy lads on board of the two Volvo, which ran the serious risk to overturn their car.

So, epic failure of Audi Q5? Check. Onlookers’ laughter? Check. Chilling noise of a badly scraped clutch? Check. Now that we’ve ticked all the boxes on the list we can officially declare this video Auto Epic Fail of the week. Enjoy the show!


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