2014 brand new Mini Cooper: spy shots

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2014 brand new Mini Cooper: spy shots

As these spy shots seem to suggest, the right time for a new generation of the iconic Mini Cooper has finally come: currently known by the codename “F56,” these images show us a prototype of the 2014 Mini Cooper caught on camera while undergoing some tests on some European public road. Just a few details are known at the moment, but apparently this new Mini will share its chassis with the next-generation BMW 1-series. Moreover, BMW is considering adding a 3-cylinder option to its usual 4-cylinder line-up.

From our photos, it looks as if the next Mini will come bigger in size than the current generation, adding a bit of width and length. That paintjob surely doesn’t help, but the grille looks a little shorter, and possibly a little wider too, while hood and front overhang also appear to be longer than the current model. However, the possibility that Mini chalked that up in order to fool the onlookers cannot be ruled out. Besides, both front and rear windshields appear to be more raked than the current Mini. Production is expected to start in the first quarter of 2013, with the convertible variant following one year later.

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2014 brand new Mini Cooper: spy shots2014 brand new Mini Cooper: spy shots2014 brand new Mini Cooper: spy shots2014 brand new Mini Cooper: spy shots

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