Mercedes ML 2013: Driving Assistance Videos

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The following videos have been released by the U.S. division of Mercedes-Benz. There are four clips in which the carmaker of Stuttgart displays the Driving Assistance package present on the next-generation Mercedes ML SUVs. The package includes Active Lane Keeping Assist, the famous Attention Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Pre-Safe Brakes and Distronic Plus.

The first video introduces the Active Lane Keeping Assist a technology that monitors road markings and detect off-course drifting, alerting the driver by a vibration system of the steering wheel. It also helps to detect oncoming traffic from behind. If the driver ignores the warnings, the active technology is able to steer the car back into the right direction.

Mercedes ML sicurezzaMercedes ML sicurezzaMercedes ML sicurezzaMercedes ML sicurezza

The second video is about the innovative Attention Assist, the best known and exclusive Mercedes-Benz system. Attention Assist monitors parameters of driving behaviour to establish a pattern, detecting signs of tiredness and drowsiness, which are major hazards for drivers. The system alert the driver with visual and audible warnings.

The Blind Spot Assist, as the name suggests, is a device that assists the driver to detect vehicles in the blind spot area, reducing the danger of collision when turning or changing lanes.

Last but not least are the Pre-Safe and Distronic Plus, systems designed to prevent the risk of impact with vehicles ahead. If the car ahead slows down or stops suddenly, the sensors alert the passengers and apply 40% of braking power to prevent collision. It also tightens the seat belts and automatically close the windows and sunroof to better prepare the occupants before a collision.

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