Nissan Juke Candy-Red Tzunamee by Senner Tuning

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Nissan Juke by Senner Tuning

The good people from German tuner Senner Tuning are mostly known for their work on cars coming from their own homeland, but this time they turned their attention to a jap, the Nissan Juke crossover, and the result is this cool rendition dubbed ‘Candy-Red Tzunamee’. As the name suggests, the model comes with a flashy red paint scheme completed by a bright set of color matching 20″ alloys as well as a pair of wing mirrors made of carbon fibre.

The bright red theme continues in the passenger compartment, where the logo of the tuner can be spotted here and there. Captivating look aside, the most relevant changes are those who affected the mechanical part: the standard 1.6-litre unit of the Juke is credited with an output of about 190 hp with 240 Nm of peak torque, but the modifications performed by Senner Tuner boosted that up to 225 hp with 275 Nm of maximum torque. At the moment, the price-tag for this model is still undisclosed.

Nissan Juke by Senner TuningNissan Juke by Senner TuningNissan Juke by Senner TuningNissan Juke by Senner Tuning

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