BMW and Daimler collaborate in the Visio.M. project, the compact car of the future.

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Tum MUTE concept

The car pictured in these images represents an ideal balance between the most diverse requirements of mobility, economy and efficiency. This vision is shared by the Federal German Ministry of Education, which has financed 10.8 million of Euros to the project Visio.M. Behind this project are BMW and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), as well as many automotive companies including Daimler, Continental, Siemens and TUV SUD. All of them have joined forces to develop and support the idea of a smart car with reduced environmental impact, which could transform the concept of personal mobility, in modern and much polluted cities, for ever.

The result of this ambitious project is a small compact car that weights just 400Kg, certified as a heavy quadricycle and powered by an electric motor delivering 15 kW. The total weight, included batteries, is 500Kg. At the moment, no official images or details have been released: the photo gallery shows images of the prototype MUTE, an electric vehicle built using a similar technology.

Tum MUTE conceptTum MUTE conceptTum MUTE conceptTum MUTE concept
Tum MUTE conceptTum MUTE conceptTum MUTE concept

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