2013 Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage for the European market: spy shots

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.2013 Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage spy shots

The new Mitsubishi Mirage that was introduced last year to the Asian markets will replace the current Colt in Mitsubishi’s range over here in Europe. At the moment it is not clear whether the model will still use the Colt name or not, but it seems certain that it will make its debut in 2013, and here are a few spy shots picturing a lightly camouflaged European version of the car captured during a test. Apparently, the car will get some slightly changed details and is will probably come with a different set-up than its Asians cousins.

Since Mitsubishi is producing the new Mirage at their new plant in Thailand, it seems quite likely that European version of this model will end up being much cheaper to produce than the outgoing Colt, which is being assembled at the Born plant, in the Netherlands. Even if it is slightly smaller than the current Colt, Mitsubishi says the Mirage will still be able to accommodate up to five adults (obviously including the driver). Power is expected to come from a range of petrol engines starting with a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine with start/stop

2013 Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage spy shots2013 Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage spy shots2013 Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage spy shots2013 Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage spy shots

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