Honda Congestion Prevention Technology

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Honda Congestion Prevention Technology

Honda’s engineers have developed a system that should prevent traffic congestion problems in cities. The technology is based on the impact of acceleration and deceleration of a single vehicle on the whole traffic. Still in the developing stage, the Honda Congestion Prevention Technology will be tested on Italian and Indonesian roads starting from May, in order to assess its functionality.

Honda’s new system will allow cars to communicate with each other and will send important information to the driver on how to maintain a suitable pace, in order to not create queues. Some studies have proven that traffic jams are mainly caused by sudden braking followed by accelerations; this driving pattern eventually decreases the space between cars, gradually slowing traffic.

The traffic prevention system is connected to an on-board terminal in the car, which is further connected to a cloud server that transmits traffic conditions to the driver. The signals are elaborated and then displayed on the dashboard, with a colour-coded pattern. Honda engineers have demonstrated that the system helped increasing the average traveling speed in traffic, by approximately 23%, improving fuel efficiency by 8%.

Honda Concept C and S @ the 2012 Beijing Motor ShowHonda Concept C and S @ the 2012 Beijing Motor ShowHonda Concept C and S @ the 2012 Beijing Motor ShowHonda Concept C and S @ the 2012 Beijing Motor Show

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