Mercedes is planning a naming revolution

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Mercedes Concept Style Coupe detail

Mercedes is in the process of reorganising the denomination of its models, with the goal of making the classification a bit clearer to understand and remember. This news was reported by Automobile Magazine site, which also explains how to interpret the acronyms and how to navigate the sea of consonants and vowels. The most traditional cars will remain immune to the revolution. Mercedes will continue to offer C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, G-Class, in addition to the SLK, SL and SLS AMG. A-Class and B-Class haven’t been mentioned, possibly because they represent an innovation in the whole range of the brand. The situation changes however for the remaining models.

All coupes, convertibles and sport saloons will gain the prefix CL. Same goes for SUVs (GL) and for sports (SL). Each prefix is then followed by the letter of the family they belong to. For this reason, the Concept Style Coupe will be renamed CLA, because of his membership to the broader CL family and due to common elements shared with the A-Class. The C-Class Coupe and E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet will be called CLC and CLE, while the CL will be SLC, in order not to force the CLS to a painful change of identity. The sports car known as “baby-SLS” will be using the moniker SLR, already adopted by the V8 front-engine.

The question remains: what about the SUVs? Models based on the MFA platform will be sold as GLA, while the GLK, given its relationship with the C-Class, will be converted into GLC. The editors of Automobile Magazine, however, don’t mention the M-Class, GL and R-Class. So we’ll patiently wait and see.

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