Curiosities: BMW owners are twice as likely to cheat than any other car brands

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BMW M550d xDrive

A survey from dating site reveals that BMW owners are twice as likely to cheat more frequently on their partners than any other car brands drivers. Of the 640,000 members of the “adulterous” site more than 19% has revealed to drive a BMW, followed by Audi (8.79%), Mercedes (8.23%), Jaguar (6.59%) and Land Rover (4.94%). The least favourite brands of cheaters are Renault and SEAT (0.28%), MG (0.53%), Fiat and Chrysler (0.55%). The authors of the study also indicate that BMW is the preferred brand by adulteresses (11.2%).

“There is an intrinsic link between success and cheating - says Rosie Freeman-Jones, spokesman for the dating site - successful people are often risk-takers, and have got to where they are by setting their standards high. However, these people are also less likely to settle for unsatisfying relationships or monotony.”

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