Porsche Cayenne S is getting a higher-performance diesel engine

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Porsche is working on a third model of Cayenne S, this time equipped with a more powerful and higher performance diesel engine than the V6 diesel fitted on the current Cayenne. The rumour has been reported by Car and Driver, although it’s still unclear which engine will be used for this model: a possible choice could be the 4.2-litre V8 unit used on the Audi A8 (with 346 hp and 800 Nm), even though it’s not the freshest engine or it could be replaced by a next-generation unit, similar to the one Bentley is planning for its future models.

Another option could be the interesting 3.0 TDI with dual turbocharging system, whose output (313 hp) and torque (650 Nm) are not far from the values of the eight- cylinder unit. The Porsche Cayenne S diesel will complete the range of the S variants along with S Hybrid and S petrol.

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