Toyota is preparing a successor to the Lexus LFA

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Lexus LFA Nurburgring - Salone di Ginevra Live 2011

Toyota is working on a new supercar with significantly higher performance and even more exclusive than the already exceptional Lexus LFA. Twice the performance means twice the price: in fact the amount requested for the new sports car could be around £500,000 against the £336,000 of the current version and the production will be limited to only 100 units, compared to the 500 of the LFA. This exclusive recipe should make the taste buds of wealthy collectors tingle. No details regards the engine, yet, but it should be expected a far more powerful engine than the roaring 4.8-litre V10 installed on the Japanese supercar. The design might take inspiration from the beautiful LF-LC Concept, but at this point no rumours have been confirmed yet.

Lexus LF-ALexus LF-ALexus LF-ALexus LF-A

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