BMW M-News: M3, M5 Touring and M6 CSL

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BMW M3 E90Periodic round-up of the state of the art of future BMW “M”s from Autobild. Soon we’ll see the M5 Touring with the 507 hp V10 (it was necessary to completely redo the rear suspensions), while M5s and M6s will get an automatic tranny for the US. Likewise, the beginning of 2006 will see the announcement of the Z4M Coupe, twin to the recently announced Z4M Roadster.

The M3 E90 is confirmed for 2007, with its 4.0 V8 (425 hp) derived from the M5/M6 V10. At first it’ll come in a coupe version (E92), than in convertible and saloon version (and maybe, later, the touring version). Doors and hoods will be buil with light alloys to reduce the weight.

Last but not least, for true hard-core aficionados of the M-series: the M6 CSL and the M3 CSL E90. The M6 CSL will come in the summer of 2006, the V10 engine’s capacity will be brought to 5,500 cc and it will output 550 hp. Together with the “CSL diet”, it makes it easier to understand why Audi thought it needed such an extreme engine for the R8

The V8 4.0 of the M3 CSL (2008) will gain 20-25 hp over that of the “normal” M3 E90.

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