Opel Astra Convertible: spy shots

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Opel Astra Convertible spy shots

A mule of the upcoming Opel Astra Convertible has been spotted while doing some winter testing in Northern Europe. The pictured prototype still uses a temporary roof top that has nothing to do with the real solution, but rumor has it that eventually the car will adopt a conventional soft top as opposed to the retracteble hardtop used on the Astra TwinTop.

From an aesthetic point of view, the new Opel Astra Convertible should end up being pretty similar to the GTC coupe, especially as far as the lines of the two sides are concerned. Same goes for the engine range, with the only exception of the ultra-sporty OPC variant.

It is also believed that the new model might not be using the “Astra” name: Mark Adams, Vice President of Design for GM Europe, had hinted at this possibility during an interview released last October, but at this moment there are neither confirmations nor denials on the subject to speak of.

View the Opel Astra Convertible spy shots

Opel Astra Convertible spy shotsOpel Astra Convertible spy shotsOpel Astra Convertible spy shotsOpel Astra Convertible spy shots

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