Ferrari F12berlinetta: live videos from Geneva 2012

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Following by a few hours its virtual launch on the internet, Ferrari introduced its brand new V12 flagship F12berlinetta ‘in the metal’ at the ongoing 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The model is already considered a milestone in the glorious history of the Italian manufacturer: to start with, it is the most powerful and fastest Ferrari ever produced, and comes with so many technological enhancements that it makes its predecessor, the 599, look like a car for retired golf players. Well… almost.

Here are a couple of live videos from Geneva showing us two pretty significant moments surrounding the birth of this masterpiece: the first one (above, caught shot by our buddies from is about the actual moment of the unveiling of the car, right in front of a massive firing squad of photographers and cameramen; the second one (after the jump) is an official footage released by Ferrari that features chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo himself introducing the F12berlinetta to the Swiss crowd and, by extension, to the whole world. The bar is set high for the new Ferrari flagship, but Mr.Montenzemolo sounds pretty confident that the F12berlinetta has all it takes to be simply the best sportscar ever made.

2012 Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari F12berlinetta2012 Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari F12berlinetta2012 Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari F12berlinetta2012 Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari F12berlinetta

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