The Bmw 520d challenges the Toyota Prius on consumption: are the results given?

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bmw vs. toyota

More than batteries and hybrids: for the third millenium we’re still in high seas for fuel sources. Or at least this is as much reported by the British publication the Sunday Times, in which a Toyota Prius and a BMW Series 520d were put to a long highway test. And the results are surprising.

Everything stemmed from some readers notes who sustain that the consumption declared by the Japanese company is 15 miles per gallon (six km per litre) higher than comparable values on the road. And at this point the experiment took off.

The test was conducted on the road from London to Geneva, taking in nearly 700km of highway and more than 150km of urban and suburban roads. Although we need to admit that high speed cruising penalises hybrid cars, and the German car weighs 230kg more, the comparison was quite stark.

All in all at the end of the test the average consumption was the following:
Toyota Prius 5,87l/100km
Bmw Serie 5 2.0d 5,61l/100km

So with the rapid advances being made in diesel cars a new generation hybrid is really needed.

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