Citroen C4 sedan: spy shots

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Citroen C4 sedan: spy shots

This lot of spy shots comes once again from cold Northern Scandinavia, and the mule wearing that heavy cammo is the new Citroen C4 Sedan, a three-box version of the popular French family car. The current C4 Sedan is sold mostly in China, but with other small sedans popping up, from different manufactures (we had some Opel Astra Sedan spy photos just yesterday) it is possible that this car will find its way in several European markets.

Apparently, in countries like Italy and Spain and in Eastern Europe, the smaller sedan segment is experiencing a certain growth, and some European manufacturer might want to exploit the moment. As for the engine range, we expect the power to come from the well-known units that are already fitted in the other C4 models.

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Citroen C4 sedan: spy shotsCitroen C4 sedan: spy shotsCitroen C4 sedan: spy shotsCitroen C4 sedan: spy shots

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