XLVI Superbowl ads: Chevrolet Sonic

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During the imminent XLVI Superbowl, Chevrolet is going to show the TV audience a new ad featuring a few extreme stunts performed by the Sonic, the recent subcompact model known as Aveo on the European side of the pond. The commercial shows some of the crazy numbers arranged by Chevy for the model’s commercial launch, including the recent, breathtaking kickflip, bungee jumping, sky diving and also a few glimpses of another brand new ad, that will be premiered during the ‘big game’ as well and featuring L.A. rock band OK Go. Just as a quick reminder, Chevrolet Sonic/Aveo’s engine range is made of a 1.2-litre petrol unit available in two power configurations (70 hp or 86 hp), a 1.4 petrol delivering 100 hp and a diesel unit, a 1.3-litre available in power steps of 75 and 95 hp.

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