The next Toyota Supra: first drawings

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Anticipazioni sulla Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra will return in 2010 to the joy of fans of the Japanese sports car. While waiting for more substantial news, Motor Trend has revealed the first ideas of its possible style, put together by the Japanese magazine Best Car.

Not everyone will remember the Toyota FT-HS, a very unusual prototype of a sports-hybrid presented in Detroit in January 2007. At the time there was talk that a new sports car, with production in 2009, would be born: give or take a year and that model is about to arrive, and according to reports at Sol Levante, the model is going to be the new Supra.

If the reconstructions are anywhere near the truth, the car is striking from the point of view of its looks, with a macroscopic difference in the rear where the Supra seems to have left behind the showcar of its parent. Outside of these premature considerations, a hint about the engine is needed: the heart of the project will possibly be a 3.7 V6 at 350 hp. Could the Nissan 370Z already have a rival?

Anticipazioni sulla Toyota Supra

Anticipazioni sulla Toyota Supra Anticipazioni sulla Toyota Supra

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