Opel confirms plans for a Corsa-based SUV called Mokka

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opel mokka rendering

German magazine AutoBild reports that Opel/Vauxhall is actually planning the production of the Mokka, a new compact SUV based on the architecture of the Corsa that will challenge the likes of Nissan Juke - and a slew of other models that many carmakers will release soon - in this continuously growing niche of the market. The first rumors about the model surfaced last March, but this is the first actual confirmation of the project, and it is also the first time that the name ‘Mokka’ has been officially confirmed as the name of the upcoming vehicle.

AutoBild says that the Mokka will be officially unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show, in view of a possible commercial debut in November 2012. In order to contain the costs, the model will be developed on the same platform of Opel Corsa and should be measuring 4,300 mm in length, making it quite similar in size to the Meriva. Front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations will be made available, while the price tag for the entry level model will be roughly 18,000 € (23,500 $ - 15,000 £), which is 2,000 € more than the less expensive Meriva.

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