Alfa Romeo 4C to enter production

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Alfa Romeo 4C Concept official pics

Quoting internal sources, Top Gear’s website reports that Alfa Romeo is actually working on a production version of the 4C, the little two-seater that we had seen in a matt red livery in March at the Geneva Motor Show and then in a shiny metallic outfit in Frankfurt. Apparently, the Fiat Group (which controls Alfa Romeo) is aiming at putting out a version of the car with a price tag in the 45,000£ area (roughly 54,000 € - 70,000 $), and the project is currently being developed in a sort of low-profile way, outside the main product-development bureaucracy.

The showcar we have seen at both Motor Shows used a carbon tub designed by racecar manufacturer Dallara, which also contributed to the design of Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (and, among others, to Bugatti Veyron too), while front and rear frames were aluminum. In order to achieve the price range they are aiming at, the production version of the 4C might end up using some less noble material, but for now it would be pointless to speculate on which sort of solutions they may adopt. As for the mechanical side, rumor has it the next 4C
will start life with a 230 hp engine which, in combination with a weight of about 900 kg, would provide the model with an impressive power-to-weight ratio that will allow it to go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in about 4.5 seconds.

According to TopGear’s website, the carmaker is planning to put the first prototypes of the model on the road in Spring 2012 in view of a possible commercial debut in the same period of the following year. However, we would expect to see some 4C concept version popping up at some Motor Show before then.

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Alfa Romeo - Salone di Francoforte Live 2011Alfa Romeo - Salone di Francoforte Live 2011Alfa Romeo 4C Concept - Salone di Ginevra Live 2011Alfa Romeo 4C Concept - Salone di Ginevra Live 2011

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