Subaru BRZ: firts offcial pictures

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Subaru BRZ: prime foto ufficiali

Sabaru releases the first official images of the upcoming BRZ model, developed on the same platform as the recently unveiled Toyota GT 86. These pictures gives us the chance to better focus on the differences between the two models and, as predicted, there aren’t many to speak of: there is a different front grille (the BRZ’s one got an hexagonal shape), the lower part of the front bumper has a different design, and that’s basically it.

No images of the interior of the BRZ have been released, but it is expected to be almost identical to its Toyota-badged twin sister anyway. The models will also share the same 2.0-litre boxer petrol engine with direct injection delivering 200 hp and 205 Nm, in charge of pushing these 1200 kg cars. A third twin sister, Scion FR-S, will also join the fold at a later time.

Subaru BRZ: prime foto ufficialiSubaru BRZ: prime foto ufficiali

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