Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird

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While most of the automotive community is focused on the ongoing 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, British manufacturer Rolls Royce has chosen a different and less glamorous way to launch its latest creation: Facebook. What we are talking about here is a special one-off version of the Ghost dubbed Golden Sunbird, which will be unleashed in the ever growing Chinese market where RR has recently opened it biggest showroom in the world, the one in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, which uses 1,200 square meters over two floors (and we would expect to see this new car on display there pretty soon...).

Going back to the Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird, its real name is actually Chengdu Golden Sun Bird Edition and is blatantly inspired by an ancient ring-shaped artifact almost entirely made of gold that was discovered in China a little more than 10 years ago called - you guessed it - Golden Sun Bird and found near the town of Chengdu.

As the name suggests, this car shows off great opulence and comes with several bits made of white porcelain and solid gold, the same materials that were used to create its pretty impressive livery. The extreme luxury can obviously be found in the cabin too, where the Golden Sun Bird theme continues with plenty of top-notch materials, details and finishing. Just as a reminder, the Ghost is positioned just below the Phantom in the Rolls-Royce range and is pushed by a 6.6-liter V12 producing 570 horsepower. We think the Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird is a little too flashy for our taste, but then again we are not Chinese millionaires...

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