Jaguar XJ Model Year 2014 Revealed

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Jaguar aren’t a manufacturer who make drastic changes to their model range so we weren’t surprised to hear that the upgraded 2014 Jaguar XJ benefits mainly from additional equipment rather than styling and performance upgrades. Jaguar has now included Start/Stop across the range so each 2014 XJ is now equipped with a secondary battery that’s only function is to power this system. Jaguar is claiming that drivers will not notice any delays when pulling away after the system’s stopped the engine because the motor re-fires in less time than it takes the driver to move his foot from the brake to the throttle pedal.

Jaguar are obviously keen to aim this car at owners who are chauffeur driven, which is a growing market in China if not in Europe. The long wheelbase version of the XJ has reclining rear seats with a massage function, additional headroom in the rear and an upgraded infotainment system. The British car maker has also changed the rear suspension to offer more comfort to passengers.

Owners will still get a choice of 3.0 litre V-6 engines with petrol or diesel power, as well as a supercharged 5.0 litre V-8. The top of the range XJR has 542bhp and comes with aero options and a bespoke chassis which allow it to achieve a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds and a 174mph top speed.

Jaguar XJ Model Year 2014

With an eight-speed auto gearbox as standard, which Jaguar claim offers a “perfectly balanced combination of smooth-shifting, economy and driver control” this is a more refined and better equipped Jaguar XJ than the 2013 model.

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