Mitsubishi Evo XI to use hybrid diesel-electric powertrain

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Mitsubishi Evo

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - a.k.a “Evo” - is going hybrid, and the new 2014 model will make use of an electric and, quite surprisingly, a diesel engine. In an interview with Autocar, Mitsubishi’s President Osamu Masuko just confirmed that the long awaited Evo XI will be an hybrid car, but the prestigious English magazine takes it for granted that it will have a diesel-electric powertrain. Apparently, the move will allow the new Evo to contain its CO2 emissions level under 200 g/km while preserving its high performance. Besides, the combined power of the two engines and the advanced S-AWC four-wheel drive should provide the car with enough torque to keep its 0-100 km/h sprint time under 5 seconds. No information was released about the plug-in syestem adopted by the new Evo, although the model should be strictly related to the PX-MiEV concept.

Just a while ago we did not think we would have ever seen another Evolution again. There were no plans for a re-launch as Mitsubishi seemed to focus on more eco-friendly vehicles, but it was the pressure from Mr.Masuko himself that had the Lancer Evolution reinstated in Mitsubishi’s range, although it will be quite a different type of beast. The Evo model boasts a successful history in WRC racing, with 4 consecutive world titles clinched by legendary Finnish driver Tommy Makinen in the late 90s, and the name is still held dear by many. We will see whether an hybrid version of the Evo with the sound of a 4-cylinder diesel engine will be warmly welcomed by those once used to RalliArt’s massive roar.

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