BMW i3 to borrow‏ range extender engine from BMW Motorrad

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Bmw i3 Concept

More details surfaced about BMW i3, the first mass produced electric car from the German group and first outcome from the newborn i-series, that was introduced as a concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. We already knew the i3 will use a 125kW electric engine and CFRP frame, but more information was released about the range extender option.

According to , inside the car’s rear compartment could find its space a Bmw Motorrad engine, possibly the ultra-compact 75hp 0,8 litres 2 cylider. The move would significantly extend the car autonomy - something that is especially useful when out of town - and resembles the kind of solution adopted by GM for its own Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera models. BMW has officially confirmed that batteries alone will provide the car with 150km of range, but it’s a figure that could be trebled up by exploiting the energy obtained from the gasoline engine, which has been optimized in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions but will actually have no physical effects on i3’s traction. BMW is supposed to launch the new model toward the end of 2012.

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Bmw i3 ConceptBmw i3 ConceptBmw i3 ConceptBmw i3 Concept

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