BMW i3 Platform: Under the Skin

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BMW i3

Rather than retro fit an existing car with an electric motor or use a current platform, BMW has developed a new chassis specifically for the i3. The German car maker calls the chassis the LifeDrive platform and have confirmed that it will be used for the i3 and the i8 models. BMW are promsing that the 13 will be their first all-electric vehicle to hit production.

BMW will use the i-Series name to market their electric cars, which represents further diversification for the German marque. In recent years their odd numbered naming system has been changed to include even numbered cars and the X branded SUVs have joined the expanded M-Sport cars to build an impressive array of new vehicles. The i brand has come a long way in the past 6 years. When BMW set up the i project in 2007 they simply created a thinktank to explore sustainable mobility solutions. These sustainable solutions extend beyond the cars in the i-Series range as a set of regulations that suppliers and engineers have to adhere to make the whole process of building the i-Series cars sustainable.

BMW see the i-Series as the present, rather than the future. “The purpose-oriented and sustainable mobility solutions from BMW i mark the dawn of a new era in personal mobility for the automotive industry,” said Ian Robertson, from the firm’s Sales and Marketing department.

BMW i3

BMW i3BMW i3BMW i3BMW i3

Thankfully the folks at BMW decided to change the name of the i3. Originally it was called the BMW Megacity Vehicle, which sounds like something out of a black and white 1950s TV serial.

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