BMW 7-Series: DIY long-wheelbase version spotted in China

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La BMW Serie 7 L �¨... finta

We do know that many manufacturers (i.e. Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes etc.) have built a few long-wheelbase (LWB) variants of their models to meet the needs of the Chinese customers, who seems to have taken a shine to these almost limo-like versions. In China you could find such models as the Audi A4 L and the Infiniti QX50, Mercedes is about to launch a similar variant of the CLA, and BMW itself offers its 3-Series, 5-Series and 7 Series in long-wheelbase configurations.

It is quite likely because of this common fashination that a resourceful Chinese man has decided to create its own LWB version of the BMW 7-Series - maybe he wasn’t inspired enough by the version marketed over there by the German carmaker itself - though the base he used to assemble its new car is definitely not a BMW model.

In these pictures published by Chinese website Baido we can appreciate the job done by this guy, whose version appears to be even longer than the actual LWB 7-Series (the regular ‘European’ version measures 5.08 meters in length whereas its Chinese longer sibling measures 5.22 meters). Okay, everybody can see right away that this car has nothing to do with the ‘official’ BMW production, but nonetheless we feel we need to give credit to the Chinese guy for the cool job.

La BMW Serie 7 L �¨... fintaLa BMW Serie 7 L �¨... finta

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