No BMW X1 for US

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Apparently European sales of the BMW X1 are going so well that nobody stateside is going to be seeing the model - until the X1 gets a 2013 restyling at least. The BWM X1 is on indefinite hold for the US car market due also to a weak euro-US dollar exchange rate. We’re not responsible for BMW business plans so perhaps it’s not our business anyway, but when you read stuff like this:

BMW isn’t worried about having American car shoppers waiting for their X1 since the automaker believes the X3 will remain its top-selling crossover.

you wonder why they’d bother at all. When the X3 is such a strong seller in general, the smaller X1 might not be missed at all. Which begs the question as to why this sudden explosion in small crossovers from the German manufacturers when the market may not be interested in absorbing them all anyway.

Source | InsideLine via Autoblog

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