Future Chinese design for Porsche?

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Porsche 911 10 Year Anniversary Edition

On strong sales for Porsche in China, Automotive News suggests the brand might want to consider some more Chinese-backed design in the future. Already rolling special models like the 10th anniversary edition specifically for the Chinese car market, Porsche has experienced strong sales there recently and expects that China will overtake the US as its biggest market in about two to three years.

After expanding its dealership network in China beyond the 31 stores registered last year, it wouldn’t be such a silly idea for Porsche to have some Chinese-specific design and production. In July this year Porsche sales rose fivefold to 2,484 units and the company has already announced 10 dealerships a year in China in the future.

With sales up 73 percent for the first six months of this year for Porsche in China, is anyone up for a Year of the Dragon Porsche special edition for China? If Rolls Royce can, who’s to say Porsche can’t cash in on the idea, too.

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