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The gloves are off for the battle of the world’s fastest car with recent reports that Bugatti is planning to keep its crown now disputed by Rotary Supercars. The latter has announced that one of its upcoming models will have a new eight-rotor rotary engine which develops a huge 2,801 hp and nothing short of 3,494 Nm of torque.

So where does that leave Bugatti? While developing its Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Super Sport, reports recently from Car indicate that Bugatti has every intention of being the fastest on the planet. And this isn’t a little boys game in the school yard - Wolfgang Durheimer is quoted as saying that producing the world’s fastest cars is a cornerstone of modern Bugatti philosophy.

Bugatti has a Guinness World Record with its Super Sport as the fastest production car in existence at nearly 430 km/hr. Rotary Supercars says its new eight-rotor engine can get to 100 km/hr in less than one second, and has a top speed of 450 km/hr. While the company has still yet to reveal a car, the first Rotary Supercars model is set to be revealed at the Top Marques Monaco event in 2012.

With Bugatti’s new Veyron Grand Sport Super Sport set to have a top speed of more than the 405 km/hr of the Grand Sport with its top on, that’s still well short of Rotary Supercars claims. And with Bugatti’s promise that it would have to respond to any competitor producing something faster, we might get a new Bugatti on the market to do so. We’re certainly not complaining. Now it’s back over to Bugatti for a response….

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