No more Chrysler 200 for Lancia?

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Lancia: la nuova gamma - Salone di Ginevra Live 2011

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show featured the new Fiat-Chrysler deal strutting its stuff as the Lancia brand got a much-needed refresh in the form of a few rebadged Chryslers. Providing some new models in the range is essential to hauling Lancia out of a one-car line-up with the Ypsilon and into the real luxury market it presumes to occupy.

New reports from LeftLaneNews indicate though, that the Chrysler 200 - to be rebadged as the Lancia Flavia - may not make it to production under the Italian brand. It was launched strictly as a concept and its heritage with the Chrysler Sebring, an unpopular model in Europe, means the project may never see the light of day.

While the Lancia Them (Chrysler 300C) and the Grand Voyager will take on the task of bring Lancia into the large, luxury segment, the smaller Flavia in both sedan and cabriolet form now looks to be delayed. If the redesigned 2013 Chrysler 200 turns out to be a good model, the Flavia nameplate revival could occur with that future model.

The future Chrysler 200 will be based on the C-Evo platform and will get some European design input to make it more appealing on that market. With the current Flavia concept labelled as unprofitable, it will be a couple of years yet before Lancia gets its mid-size sedan which it’s going to need for any real credibility on the European car market.

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