BMW M5 behind-the-scenes videos

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These videos from BMWblog give us a full technical tour of the new BMW M5. After a quick run-down of how electronics have changed, we actually get a look under the M5 and a talk of the chassis updates and the suspension upgrades. From the video it’s clear that the BMW M5 has undergone some significant changes, especially using race car experience - making the body more rigid, the suspension smoother and fixing the axles and struts directly to the body itself.

The video says that while BMW M models might weigh a little bit more than other models, their rigidity and new improvements to steering and suspension mean they actually handle better than the competition. We’re happy to believe them. Check out the video for the full tour of the M5, particularly if the technical stuff is up your alley. More videos after the jump.

Bmw M5 F10 Bmw M5 F10 Bmw M5 F10 Bmw M5 F10

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