2012 Bugatti Galibier to production

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Bugatti 16C Galibier

It turns out the Bugatti Galibier, luxury touring sedan, will fill the hole left by the outgoing Bugatti Veyron until such time as the company gets around to producing a new hypercar. In reports from Auto Motor und Sport, the Bugatti Galibier will start a 2012 production date sometime in autumn next year, with total numbers reaching 1000 to 1500 models.

As engineers and executives work on a new Bugatti hypercar, the Galibier, or Royale as it might be called, will be made. Using a detuned version of the W16 Veyron engine, down to about 800 hp, the Galibier should be just as expensive as the Veyron, topping one million euros. That kind of price might make the 1000 models sound ambitious, but this is Bugatti after all, and you can’t go putting a price on Bugatti luxury.

In addition to the report on the 2o12 Galibier production, we also learn that it could appear with hybrid plug-in technology, with a zero emissions range of 40 km. And apparently the engineers are also working on moving the W16 to the front axle which should prove more than an interesting task. After this report, we expect more to come and perhaps a debut production vehicle sometime next year.

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