Italians raise fuel prices to combat immigration crisis

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European_fuel_prices More strange but true news from Italy? This seems too bizarre to be true but one thing is for sure - when Italians wake up tomorrow to fill their cars spending more to do so, they will be an even angrier population than they are already. In a weird attempt at helping to finance the fight against illegal immigration, an Italian fuel hike of four cents a litre is occurring.

According to official statements, the increase is required to “combat the humanitarian emergency across the national territory as posed by the exceptional influx of people from North Africa”. The new tax will raise prices to 611.3 and 470.3 euros per 1,000 litres for petrol and diesel.

Italians at the pump could be paying 0.73 cents extra a litre (Italian IVA or VAT excluded) from today. Yesterday fuel prices sat at an average of 1.576 for petrol at Eni outlets, to the 1.593 that customers pay at Shell. Diesel prices range from 1.455 to 1.479. The controversy and interested groups are innumerable but consumer groups and customers are unanimous on the financial impact that continuing raised petrol prices are having.

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