Volvo Amazon by Larsson Customising

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Volvo Amazon by Larsson Customizing

Transforming a sedate 1960s Swedish car into a modern American muscle car isn’t possible but the boys at Larsson Customizing have had a go and produced a Volvo Amazon that looks like no other car. While most Amazons have rusted away, the firm’s owner Henrik Larsson has sourced a good example of the car that was produced between 1956 and 1970.

Although it looks like an Amazon, it was basically built from the ground up using parts found in American machinery. The power comes from a 5.4 litre Chrysler Hemi V-8 which is attached to Edelbrock carburetors. We haven’t been told much about the chassis but the pictures make it clear that the dragster sits on extremely wide Hoosier tyres at the rear so there should be enough grip to lay the power down.

We’re not sure whether the new machine’s intended for drag racing or if it’s just for show, but either way this is an insane project. We like the fact that the wheelarches don’t cover the tyres and that there’s no bonnet as the engine’s too big for the car. It’s a shame that Larsson didn’t do anything with the visuals. We would have liked an insane colour to match the car’s craziness, but the green tinted windows and green headlights add a bit of flair to the car.

There’s no word on what the car’s intended for but it’s certainly getting attention online. Whether it will be displayed at any of this summer’s motor shows or if it’ll get an outting on any of Europe’s drag strips remains to be seen.

Volvo Amazon by Larsson Customizing

Volvo Amazon by Larsson CustomizingVolvo Amazon by Larsson CustomizingVolvo Amazon by Larsson CustomizingVolvo Amazon by Larsson Customizing

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