Opel Astra EcoFLEX

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Opel Astra EcoFlex diesel

The new Opel Astra EcoFLEX has reduced CO2 emissions at just 99 g/km. The new EcoFLEX model replaces the previous four-cylinder, 1.3-litre diesel with 95 hp, and has managed 17 percent reduced fuel consumption despite an increase to 130 hp and 300 Nm of torque. The new 1.7 CDTI registers an average fuel use of 3.7 l/100 km thanks to brake energy regeneration, start&stop fuel saving, and tweaks to the six-speed manual transmission.

The Astra ecoFLEX also has a few aerodynamic upgrades and low-resistance ContiEcoContact 5 tyres. The suspension has also been lowered by 12mm. The 1.7 CDTI has a new electronics and injection system, with reduced compression ratios and a new variable turbocompressor. Overall, further changes to temperature and valve management make this a far more efficient engine, without compromising performance.

Opel Astra EcoFlex diesel Opel Astra EcoFlex diesel Opel Astra EcoFlex diesel

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